21st Jun

How Actors CAN work and live abroad

After working and living in 3 different countries around the world, a lot of actors approach me and ask “how can I live and work abroad?” My answer is always the same. It depends. It depends on where do you want to go, how much of the world you want to see, and how long […]

04th Jun

How to get a slamming actors body on a dime.

The average person will usually never understand the pressure that actors have about watching their weight. Why? Because a normal person does not show up to work and look 10 lbs heavier then they really are. Nor would those extra 10 pounds be the reason they didn’t get the job. I’ll be the first person […]

05th May

Top 7 things actors do at work that would get a normal person FIRED.

Being an actor is quite an amazing job but people don’t really know what actors do at work. When you stop to explain of all the crazy things you get to do it’s often hard for the average person to understand but let’s have come fun discovering the top 7 things actors do at work […]

04th Apr

Top 10 Ways Actors Can Save a Ton of Money

Having an acting career can be expensive. Classes, courses, materials, and never as many gigs as you’d like. It’s important to make the most of what your finances to afford being an actor. Here are 10 ways actors can save a ton of money: 1. Don’t pay someone to do it, when you can do […]

02nd Mar

10 Genius Habits for Smart Actors

What habits does it take to be a smart working actor? Honestly social skills, talent, and social awareness. Here are 10 Genius Habits for all actors.

10th Feb

The Ultimate Filmmaker Challenge

The Ultimate Filmmaker Challenge brings you national exposure, access to top industry professionals, and a screening at the International Film Festival Manhattan.

14th Jan
Spelling Game says Help Me

Pitch with Perfection

Turn the worst pitch people use everyday, into the best pitch you’ll ever give. Learn how to pitch authentically, professionally, and effectively.

09th Jan

The 5 Most Important Things to Know Before You Sign Your Name on That Contract!

Congratulations you got the part, wrote your book, finished your film, and someone puts a contract right in front of you because they want you. What do you do?

30th Dec

Goodbye Stage-Fright: How to Tame Performance Anxiety Forever

Last week, I taught a seminar in front of a standing-room only crowd of 200+ with no notes or props, and I had a blast. More importantly, my audience did too. But it hasn’t always been that way for me. A few years ago, there’s a good chance I would have frozen, totally blanking on […]

17th Dec

The Best Gifts for Actors 2013

With the holiday season fast approaching, take the stress out of shopping for the perfect gifts for the actor in your life. Here is a list of thoughtful and affordable gifts every actor should have on their wishlist to support, encourage, and inspire them to keep creating. 1. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield […]

04th Dec

Online Dating Teaches Actors How To Become Famous on the Internet

Most people would admit that they tried online dating at least once in their life. It’s a interesting situation to be in compare to traditional dating. Traditional dating is limited to the people you know, the people you bump into, and the people your friends, family, or co-workers want to set you up with. What […]

21st Nov

Eliminate Your Fear of Approaching Talent Agents Once and for All

  Can you really ATTRACT a better agent? YES. It just takes practice, patience, and knowing how to position yourself to attract what you want. What you want? Umm yeah. Isn’t this your dream, your career, and career plan? Take your power back, and take control over your representation. Great actors have great representation because […]


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